Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keep the Drive Alive

This week, it has been really difficult for me to keep going on everything. School has got me down, work is really busy, and I wanted to put more pieces in the craft fair than I have time for!

I started this one last night. I saw a quote on Pinterest and tracked it down to its source, a gentleman by the name of Kobi Yamada who wrote a book called She. I might have to order it! A couple of bloggers have posted the entire text, but I think the book would make a really sweet gift.

My husband has heard his share of whining, but hopefully I'm over it now. I have this one almost complete; it only needs the author's name to be cut out and the whole thing to be glued down. Then I am starting one on the Mark Twain quote about going out on a limb.

Our preparations for the business side of the craft show are coming along as well. We have a credit card reader and I bought a file box to store our things. We should be able to nail down plans for a display in the next day or two, then Friday we will get set up! It's coming along, but we have been so worried about having lots of pieces that we haven't given a ton of thought to the logistics side of things. It'll work out - it always does!

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