Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Ready

This past week I have finished several projects, including my compass piece. I love this one because it is a dream in a painting - or several. I used vintage maps of Greece, Australia, and Italy, which all top my list of places to see.

My husband finally finished a couple of his pieces. The problem with his work is that cutting the stencils takes so long that you can be 90% done with everything and still have little to show for it. He got out the spray paint and finished a couple so we were pretty excited!

This week I plan to start looking at the logistics of the booth: taking money, how we'll display, creating a "who we are" sheet, etc. Also possibly business cards. I already got a couple of items listed in my shop, so there was a little progress. I'm not super happy with my scans, but we purchased Photoshop over the weekend, so maybe I can tweak the colors to better represent what they look like in person.

My obsession this week has been looking at working on a sustainable/organic/earth-friendly farm. Unfortunately, I found this website, Sustainable Farming Internships, and am attracted to the idea of working near Portland, OR. Joseph was/is interested in that area, and I think it would be a neat way to get familiar with it. The whole idea of working on a farm and learning about food goes along with my interest in nutrition and how to feed people in a healthy, sustainable way. Urban farming, community gardens, and better school lunches are all interesting to me, and I think adding this to my background would be helpful if I wanted to get a job or volunteer in a field like that.

Anyway, that's all very nice, but it's Monday, so it's time to get ready for work! Have a good week, all.

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