Monday, January 2, 2012


Last year, after reading The Happiness Project (and blogging about my year at, I made a broad list of the types of things I'd like to work on in my life (discipline, money, healthy living, creativity, etc.) and came up with some specific resolutions. This year, I am feeling less directional. I am creeping up on the end of my (current) college career at the end of this year. Twelve months is a little while, but it's not a long while. Then what?

For a long time, I have had goals in mind. I knew who I wanted to have all my adventures with, and now he's my husband. For a very, very long time (over ten years), I have wanted to finish school. Before this year is up, I will be done. Then what? This is a new and scary place for me to be. I know there are other things I want to do, but they are not specific enough. I would like to write a book at some point, but the time hasn't felt right yet. I love to craft, but I already do that to some extent, and completing my little projects isn't much of an end game. I would like to sell things I make, but I'm waiting for that to come about a little more organically. I would like to travel. I would like to hack my job, or a job, but I don't really know where, or when, or how everything is going to come together.

The time for all these goals doesn't seem right, and I don't think it's just because I am scared. Maybe it's because I'm not there yet! But I need to lay some groundwork - read a book on writing a novel, and research where I want to go. Set up a better crafting area. The problem with some of these goals is that these projects are difficult to do when I am spending so much of my time being a student or an employee or a wife. In the next couple of weeks, before I have started the next semester, I hope to find more direction. I will spend time thinking about what I want to do, researching it, and putting some elbow grease into some projects that I suspect might help me in my long-term goals. Oh, and at some point, figure out what those long-terms goals actually are.

In other words, my new year's resolution is to find some resolutions.

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